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Mission Statement

Inner Space Explorers was founded to support divers around the world, in their desire to receive the best training available. ISE offers the most demanding, challenging and intense training in the industry. Our training is free from all the marketing related advertising style contents, that you may find elsewhere. We are strictly focused on no nonsense education to enhance the thrill, safety and ultimately the fun of 'Your Passion'.


What is ISE?

ISE stands for Inner Space Explorers. It is an organization with the intent to promote underwater explorations in all its fascinating aspects. As it was founded in 2008 by internationally renown instructor and explorer Achim R. Schlöffel, the name of the company was chosen with care and purpose.
What ISE and foremost underwater explorations mean to us, is best shown by the life story of our founder:
Achim started diving in 1980. At the age of 18, he went to Florida where he worked as a diving instructor and started his commercial diving career. Prior to starting his own company ‘Classic-Dive’ in 1996, Achim worked as a diving instructor out of Munich, Germany.
In 2002 Achim founded THE-INNER-SPACE.COM. A company dedicated to the highest quality dive training and exploration around the world. THE-INNER-SPACE.COM still serves as a resource center for the diving community all over the world. From 1999 until 2008 Achim has taught various courses and levels in technical diving for GUE where he was the only German speaking Tech 2 instructor worldwide.
Achim´s greatest passion for diving was, and is to this date the exploration of the underwater world. Be it an unexplored wreck, or an uncharted cave. In his pursuits throughout the years, he took part in various professional diving expeditions all over the world.
Knowing that many divers share his interest in exploration, but most lack the skills and knowledge to perform true exploration in difficult environments in a safe way, Achim decided that it was time for him to move forward and remedy this situation.
He formed ISE - Inner Space Explorers.
" customers always asked for the most rigorous and demanding training. They want to get the real experience, feel the real limit, and in the end know that they had to give everything. When I realized that I could not offer that anymore I knew it was time to move on..."
For that reason, ISE was founded by an active explorer and builds its core of technical instructors exclusively from people that have a similar history and are active in what they teach.
So the purpose of ISE is to bring to YOU the skills, and the knowledge to perform real underwater exploration, so that not only you can survive in the extreme conditions that exploration diving often entails, but also to thrive on them.
ISE training is divided in different levels. While most training levels build upon each other, each level enhances your ability for exploration diving. So you can always match your training level to the need of the expected conditions.
Even if you are new to exploration or technical diving, or wish to stay in the familiar waters of recreational diving, ISE have the means to also improve your recreational exploration diving experiences. Our basic level of teaching is suitable for all levels of divers without special needs for additional equipment.
ISE programs are less restricted by a financially influenced philosophy, as ISE is not connected to any particular equipment manufacturer. Although ISE is clearly influenced by the DIR Philosophy, it is open for new input and leading technology that may have its place in the diving field.

So if you dream to dive boldly, where no diver have been before, you are at the right place and with the right people!



ISE Courses


Basics of Exploration (BOE)
Basics of Exploration Extended (BoE+)


Exploration Diver Level I
Exploration Diver Level II
Exploration Diver Level III
Wreck Explorer Level I
Wreck Explorer Level II
Wreck Explorer Level III
Cave Explorer Level I
Cave Explorer Level II
Cave Explorer Level III


Rebreather Exploration Diver
Oxygen Rebreather Diver


Gas Blender
Workshop Survey
Workshop Kayak for Expedition Diving
Workshop Scooter
Workshop Exploration Photography
Workshop Exploration Videography

Instructor Training

ITC Instructor Development Course
IE Instructor Evaluation